im sooohohoho.. not in the mood at the moment. hm. whyy?
i've been having this stewpid headache for the past few weeks.
STILL tak baik lagi. :'(
and yesterday was the worst so far. my vision was all blurred last afternoon. had to take a nap to recover back. hmpfh.

they told me to go see a doctor. but, idk why.
tak selesa lahh nak pergi clinic dengan pihak dekat sini.
i mean, pihak college. why? just, because.
i dont like it. i never will. hmpfh.
maybe cause im so used to going there with either my family,
relatives or my parents for the past 18 years.
so like, when i have to go with someone else, it feels different.
i still couldn't adapt to it. (ngade lebih) *ehee

but, whatever. no matter. i guess soon it'll get better.
i hope so. i want so. oh God, please take this pain away.
i cant stand it anymore. i dont want this any longer.
God please.. :'((

okayy nanaaaa.. stop whining! put your head together.
hm. alright alright.


so.. this is the real deal.
the real thing i wanna tell ya. the juicy story. (juicy la kononnn) haha :)
okay, so i was told from a friend of mine. my classmate to be exact.
lets call him, Exhibit A. well, A said that there's this one boy who wants to get to know me.
this boy, Exhibit B.

yes, B. thats all i know about him. ONLY his name.
nothing about where he's from. what course he is taking.
how does he look. how tall he is. naadaaaa..
A told me that B told him that, he said i look like a chinese girl.
haha. (i got that A LOT)
A said that B usha² me because of that. ngaahaha.

the people here in KMK awal² dah chopp me as 'the malay girl who looks like chinese'.
haha. i guess im soopa-famous because of it. :P
padahal biasa sajaaa.
back home in Subang Jayaa pun there are people who said the same about me.

A asked me, "ko nak kenal dgn dia tak? coz B nak kenal dgn ko."
i was like, "errr.. ko ckp hi kat dia dulu la yeh."
haha. teringin plak nak tengok batang hidung dia camne.
i mean, i wanna see him live in front of my very eyes.
teheee. i wonder how he looks like. x)

p/s: im flying solo now. hm. had a few problems before. hm. so yeah.
p/s: no names were mention in the above statement. take note eh. haha.


Cai Hong said...

argh and i hate when people say i look like non chinese but im pure chiense haha.

btw,woah good la ur famous!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
but why u dislike uploadng ur pic in blogspot

Nana said...

cai honggggg, its not that i dont want to upload my pic.
problem is, I CANNTTTTTT! :(((

its so complex la here.
i have to go to cc, then use the USB, then antivirus & everythinggg..
blablablaaa. its MUCH easier at home.
so thats why i dont upload as much photos as before. :/

i will though. someday somehow. :)