omigosh. im leaving to Kedah.
seriously tak percaya weh. is it really happening to me?

yes, it was me that made the decision to go there.
but then, woh. gila laa.

we're leaving tonight. (my parents & i)
monday is the registration day, so before that, we've decided, eh no..
daddy has decided to go to Perlis & stay sana. our kampung. hah! pfft.
on monday baru gerak Kedah.

im the first to leave my friends. haha.
gila sedih. wuu. :(

so hm. to all of my bestfriends, my close friends, my schoolmates, my tuitionmate,
my friends on myspace ; facebook ; friendster ; YM ; MSN & whatever else out there,
i love you guys weh.
take care of yourself. good luck sambung study kat mana² nnt. :)

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