the wrong way

dont get me wrong here. the wrong way doesnt mean that its bad.
or izzit? hmm..

but um.. everything that i've plan before dah tukar.
yeah. i repeat, EVERRRRYTHING.
the things that weren't suppose to happen, are seriously happening right now.
& its totally freaking me out.

okay so.. basically after SPM, these are SOME of my goals;
1. get a job
2. learn mandarin
3. learn driving
4. improve my drawing skills
5. study at LIM KOK WING

yang number 5 tu, highlight sikit! haha. :P
so yeah. mostly semua dah settle. BUT that one.

like i said on my previous post, i wont be able to fulfill my dream to study at LKW.
what to do. kata orang, tak ada rezeki. takpe lah.
so hm. my dad put me in matrikulasi instead. yep.
since i was accepted. i got in dekat Kolej Matrikulasi Kedah (KMK). (euww!)
i think its in Changlun. he said, for now matrix is so much better. (pulak!)

& the worst part is, ITS IN FREAKING KEDAH! omigosh.
why kedah? whyyyy?! my other friends they got in at negeri sembilan lah,
melaka lah, perak lah, pahang lah, penang lah.
but why am i THE ONLY ONE yang dapat kat kedah? wuu. :'(
okay, maybe not the only one. khairil ali mizam, you're with me! ahaha. :P
but he's a boy. i want a girlfriend. so that, dia boleh teman me go everywhere. (heee)

but so far, there's no one else besides him that i know yang dapat kat kedah. (damn!)
& the registration date is only a couple of weeks away. 11th may kot.
im terrified ni. haha. have to make new friends lagi. aiya.
in kedah some more! adoh. way to kill the fun.
apa ada kat kedah weh? ha. :/

tengok website dia tadi pun dah cukup dah.
macam mana nanti bila pergi sana eh? uih.

i hope i wont die kat sana.
tragic, ada student cant survive living in matrix kedah.
cool! i'll be on the headlines! ahaha. ;D

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