a new baby.what should i name her?

yesterday, around noon, while i was playing Monopoly with my younger brothers,
daddy came into the room & said that we're going out so i went to get ready.
changed my clothes & everything. i asked Syafirul,
my 15 years old brother to come along. haha. daddy took us to Digital Mall in PJ.
right then, i knew already what we're going to do. im gettin a new phone!
teehee. :D
so yeah, like i said, i prefer SONY ERICSSON rather than NOKIA.

after much consideration..oh and not to forget, arguing with the salesman. haha. yeah. after having such a hard time choosing which phone to buy,
i finally decided to pick W980. its a walkman phone. black in colour.
believe it or not, this is my first time using a clamshell phone. or better known as 'flip' phone. yeah. FIRST TIME! haha.

but, its not my first SONY ERICSSON phone because i had one before this.
my previous one was stolen, so..hm. its a W series too.
but of course, different from the one im using now lah. :)

check this link right here: SONY ERICSSON to see which phone i bought.
haha. and other phones too of course. im glad i bought this phone,
because it has THE best audio, 8GB memory, nice style, super great functions & everything else lah. im happy with my choice. yay! but truth is, im still trying to figure out some settings in this phone. aiya. i read the whole instruction manuals last night. haha. :P

yeah lah. its been a looooooong time since i use a phone like ya'll. before this guna phone cikai je. phone dah hilang en. haha.

i really hope i'll be able to use this phone much much longer than the previous one.
hope nothing bad happens to it. amin. :')

this is my new baby

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