second time now

went to the dentist yesterday. had an appointment at 12pm.
but i got there 1/2 an hour earlier. ahaha.
didnt mean to come so freakin early but the doctor himself said on our previous appointment;
"for the next appointment, please come 15 minutes earlier.."
ha. amek kau!
setengah jam lagi awal. haha.

i didnt have to wait long because i was THE ONLY patient there.
so, yeah. sampai je, duduk sekejap then terus da kena panggil.
(tak panas bontot lagi. haha)

for almost 30 minutes i opened my mouth for him to check.
cant close em, coz he put something inside it.
to prevent me from closing my mouth of course. haha.
stewpid. azab gila nak bukak braces. :/

the moment after he removed my braces away from my mouth,
i was like "omg.. gila relieved! woohoo! NO MORE BRACES, FOREVER!"
but then, he told me to wait for a while.
he wanted to make me a new retainer.
for me to wear of course.

then suddenly, his assistance came out of nowhere with a small sized bowl
filled with some sort of purple coloured plasticine-like thingy.
she was stirring it.
i was like, what the hell is that?! that thing is NOT gonna go inside my mouth izzit?
buat muka tayah cakap la. banyak da muka pelik² keluar. haha.

i was right. that thing IS gonna go inside my mouth.
a whole lot of em. gah. :/
dentist tu sapu all those purple yucky stuffs atas this metal-like thingy (shape like a retainer)
and then BAMM! without warning, he put it straight into my mouth.
omigosh. gila rasa nak muntah!

sungguh tidak berperikemanusiaan dentist tu.
main tekann je dalam mulut orang.
hello! sakit okayyyy? uh.

thank God it was only for a few seconds.
once he removed it away from my mouth, that plasticine-like thingy turned to white.
how yucky-er can it be?! omg. from purple to white. then what? euw!

its kinda sticky. not to mention yucky. tu tayah cakap la en.
abes comot my face. berterabur semua benda tu dekat muka.

i get out of the room right after i cleaned my face.
felt good coz finally, no more braces for me.
i dont have to wear it, ever again. EVERRR!
weeheee. ;D

because 3 months before, on disember,
right after i finished my final SPM paper, which was EST,
terus kena pakai braces balik.
padahal sebelum tu da bukak da for a few months.
so now da bukak balik. for the second time. yeah.
feels great. :)

called daddy & went home.
the end.

p/s: saje je nk cerita. ;)

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