the one song that's stuck in my head at the moment is:
Soulja Boys - Kiss Me Thru The Phone.

omg. its like, totally totally the cutest song, evvvvvver.
haha. eh. wait.
why am i talking like that? gosh. -.-'

whatever. so hm.
nowadays, since i've stopped working, there's a lot of time for me to spend on drawing.
to complete my portfolio for college later on.

each time i completed one, for sure i'll show it to everyone (family) for their approval.
okay ke tak. buruk ke senget ke. terlebih terkurang, and whatever else.

someone once asked me.
tak bosan ke asyik lukis je? tak penat ke? and, whats the best part about drawing?
hm. lemme see.
its as simple as this. one word: passion.
drawing is actually my passion. my greatest passion.
oh no wait. besides buildings. gosh, i love buildings. haha.

truth is, i can sit on the chair, hands on the table and pencil, eyes on the drawing,
and my mind on the ideas for hours JUST to complete one particular drawing.
yes. and i wont move a muscle until im satisfied with the result.
more or less perfect.

so dont anyone dare to disturb me while im drawing my masterpiece. haha. (yeah right)
and the greatest part about drawing is of course, once the drawing is completed.
omg. the best feeling in the world. haha.

sebab nak habiskan lukisan-lukisan tu pun, sebab tak sabar nak tengok final result lah.
macam mana bila dah habis nanti eh?
macam mana dorang akan comment nanti eh?
thats why lah i was sooo determined to finish it.
& plus, i dont like to do work halfway through. so yeah.

hm. so far tade la banyak sangat my drawings but i'll work on it.
will draw some more later on.
maybe nanti i'll show some of my drawings here la yeh.
haha. :)

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