oh. its the mailman!

the mail just came in.
i was expecting for something else, another letter i mean.
but instead, i got an offer letter for the matriculation programme.

"Sukacita dimaklumkan bahawa saudara ditawarkan untuk mengikuti Program Matrikulasi Satu Tahun Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia bagi pengambilan sesi 2009/2010."

sukacita la sangat! more to dukacita the way i see it.

there's somewhat document inside. to use for registration later on.
passport sized photos lah. ic lah. salinan sijil lahir lah & whatever else.
pfft. omg. im so not excited about it.
like, at all. haha.

i'll keep it quiet je lah. aint gonna tell nobody about it.
you know what i mean. haha. :P

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