nayana nedra

okay, so its been nearly 5 days since i bought this Sony Ericsson W980 phone.
it pretty much made my life so much easier in somewhat kind of way that only i know.
haha. dont understand me? never mind. leave it be.

okay, to cut the story short.. i've named my previous phone Baby Twinkle right?
so. i wanted to find a nice, pretty name for this one too. tak best la tak ada namaaa!
but i cant think of any name recently. dont know why.
because, for baby twinkle, that name just pops into my head.
but this time, its a whole different story. :P

so i use another alternative method: the internet!
haha. yeah. i googled a few names, browse through it, tried to pronounce it..
looked for the meaning & everything.
(dont know why its so important. its a freakin for for crying out loud! haha)

i found this one sanskrit name. NAYANA, it means "an eye".
it sounds really nice. nayanaaa. haha. :)
next, i tried searching again. & found another one. its in english.
NEDRA means "secretly".

so like, i combined those two, it became NAYANA NEDRA "an eye, secretly".
no to brag or anything. but, i like that name A LOT!
what a beautiful name. tapi kenapa makna dia cam tak best eh?
padahal nama lawa gila. :P

hm.. yeah. so basically. thats my new phone's name.
no more baby twinkle. but, you'll always be remembered.
haha. macam orang plak. adoi.

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