much needed dilemma

alright..okay, so. like i said on my previous post,
i may have a high chances of studying at the university of my dream.
i've been dreaming to study at LKW since i was a kid.
its the only university that i was aiming for. as far as i can remember.

to me, everything about it was perfect. the building. the students.
the lecturers. the place. the name. the courses they're offering.
the career opportunities later on. the colour. (yeah i know)
& to top it all off, its a global university.
graduates from LKW dikatakan paling high in demand in the marketing
& paling dipandang orang. (thats what they said)
whatever lah. but, to me its perfect a 500%.

& i have the opportunity to do that right now.
peluang dah terbukak luas depan mata.
there's nothing stopping me. at all.
just kena isi borang & thats it. just like that, im in.

but.. with a capital B.
But the problem now, is that, everything was cancelled.
the plan was cancelled right away.
i guess. yeah. im not getting my chances.
im wont be able to fulfil my greatest dream of all.

why? because the other day i got a call from someone.
telling me that she's from IIUM (International Islamic University Malaysia).
she asked me whether i've received any offer letter from IIUM.
so i said no. gave her my address like she requested.
& she said that she'll send the offer letter to me soon.
but then, the moment i hung up the phone je, i realized.

so yeah. i told daddy about it. about the call i've received.
& the moment he hears it, he said "laa.. kenapa kakak tak bagitau abah? kalau tak tapayah pegi LKW tu.."
at that moment, i was like, broken into million pieces kot.
berkecai segala benda.
he told me that, its better for me to go to IIUM rather than LKW.
why why why why why? WHYYYY?! hm.
the way i see it, LKW is wayyy wayyyyy better than any other universities or colleges in the country. haha. teehee :P

and, the only one thing that im scared the most at the moment is that,
the call i got from the so-called IIUM was not real. what if it was a fake?
Ya Allah, mintak dijauhkan. kalau betul orang yang call tu from UIA,
tolong la hantar surat tawaran tu cepat. i cant stand this any longer.
this process of waiting is killing me by the minute. AAAAA!

1. i didnt ask her name. SHIT!
2. IIUM is under UPU right? i thought the result will be out in may. why did i get the call now?
3. refer number 2
4. if the call is fake, then terlepas mcm tu je lah my dearest LKW. :'(
5. refer number 2
6, 7, 8, 9... refer number 2. (ugh!)

thats the only thing i didnt understand. why did i get the call NOW?
i mean, why are my close friends yg lain semua tade apa pun? hm.
i keep having bad thought in my head lately.
"what if it was a prank call?"
"what if ada orang nk buat jahat?"
"what if blah blah blah this & that & whatever..?"

selagi that offer letter tak sampat ke muka pintu my house,
ke atas tapak tangan, di depan dua biji mata kepala sendiri,
selagi tu i cant sit still. because of it, LKW terlepas.
so it better be real! or else, i'll turn into The Hulk.

cool! hee :D

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