its been a while since i last updated my blog. *sighs
problems with connection somewhat, so i cant really log in much.
hm. && been busy with drawings & stuffs. so yeah.

its thursday today. i thought today plan macam biasa lah.
tengok² my dad told me that we're going to Cyberjaya after lunch.
what for? we're going to Lim Kok Wing University of Creative Technology.

woohoo! haha.
it has always been my dreams to go there someday.
never thought that day would be today. :)
so, lepas dah lunch, siap² semua, kita gerak keluar around 2pm.
my father, my mother & myself.

Lim Kok Wing was seriously awesome. it was so huge. & beautiful.
dari jauh dah boleh nampak posters besar gila.
lawa kot. gila adrenaline rush. haha.
oh & did i mentioned everything was black.
the building i mean. haha.
but most of them pun semua pakai black. wahh.
when we got there, parking dekat dengan workshop building,
there was a photoshoot i guess. or maybe they were filming a drama or something?
idk lah. tapi there was Liyana Jasmay, Zarina AF & a lot more.
tak sempat nak tengok muka. rushing. & it was freaking hot!

but she was pretty. maybe because she was wearing make ups? haha.
idk, but she was pretty alright. but very skinny. like, omg.
then lepas pegi buat discussion dengan those LKW's lecturers,
blah blah blahh pasal architecture. pasal foundation la.
pasal accommodation. and whatever else, ktorg pegi la tour sendiri² sekejap,
keliling campus.
seriously memang i fell in love terus dengan LKW.
memang dari dulu lagi dah jatuh cinta, but now, LAAAAGI BANYAK!
& at the end of the day, most probably my parents nk daftar masuk sana.
like, OMG. gila scary.
i have to register ASAP. meaning i have to start my class this monday.

wuih! gilaaaaa. culture shock.
but whatever it is, memang dari kecik it has always been my dream untuk masuk situ.
tak pandang lain dah. nak LKW je.
& now, my opprtunity dah terbukak luas.
tapi entah kenapa, takut semacam.
bila tengok semua international students kat sana.
haha. so now, this matter is still dalam perbincangan.
either to register me masuk LKW or tak.
if tak, then tunggu for UPU lah. if not, masuk LKW terus. haha.
whatever their decisions, i'll have to consider lah.
memandangkan they know whats best for me.
heh. :)

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