the call

okay. so.
after watching Beauty and The Geek on star world,
i've decided to turn on the radio. Fly Fm of course.
while listening, i turned on daddy's laptop.
wanted to surf the net but that stupid modem is not functioning. *sighs
so i ended up playing Dino Pets instead. haha.

while playing that game, my ears are of course, listening to fly fm.
waiting for the queue to call for David Archuleta's showcase tickets.
i've been trying to get through for a couple of days now.
but i had a good feeling i'll win the tickets, so i dont give up that easily.
so yeah.

tiba², as i was playing Dino Pets.
Adam from Fly Fm gave out the queue to call.
be the 7th caller through, & u'll get the 2 invites to his showcase.
i was like, "SHIT! WHERE's MY PHONE?! WHERE's MY PHONE!!?"

quickly i grab the phone & called in. 0377241144.
& guess what? before this i tried calling in, TAK PERNAH ada orang angkat phone tu.
tiba² that day, ada orang jawab phone.
i was like, errr.
then he said "sorry, you're caller number 3. call me back immediately okay?"

antara terkejut dengan tak percaya, i quickly answered "uh. o.kay."
without wasting any seconds, cepat² i tried calling him back.
"please pick up..please pick up.."
twice i called, no answer. number was busy. shit.
i tried calling in, again.
and this time...

adam: "hello.. who's this?"
me: (shocked!) "er. nana.."
adam: "congratulations nana! you're caller number 7!"
me: (i started shaking!) "omg! seriously?!"
adam: "yeahh.. so how bad do you wanna go see david.?"
me: "real bad.." (i was shaking, so i cant think of any other answers. haha)
adam: "real bad huh? so okay. you know what you have to do right nana?"
me: "yeah."
adam: "so im gonna play the clip of david's song & you have to scream like he's in front of you alright?"
me: (tremendously SHAKINGGGG!) "omg. okayy.."
(david archuleta - a little too not over you)
me: (SHAKING & in disbelief) "aaaa! omgomgomg. aaaaaaa!"

hahah. then adam told me to scream A LOT louder coz of the speaker tah apa he said, i didnt concentrate lagi dah.
& this time, i screamed like a crazy woman gone mad. (that doesnt make sense)
adam gelak! ahahahhaha. xD

then dia mintak la my phone number. so that he could call me back.
it was 11.53am. so he said he'll call me back in short.
few minutes lepas we hung up, i was on the radio.
my maid dari dapur datang depan, pelik kenapa i was screaming like crazy sorang².
then i told her about what happened.
when i was on the radio, she was like, "ini kakak nih? ahaha!"

sengal. -.-'
she laughed at me as well. ahahaha.
FINE LAH! i cant scream properply. who cares.
i got the tickets. :D

tengok², pukul 1.53pm baru dia call balik. haha.
he said sorry for calling so late. i was like, oh nooooo. its okayy.
padahal sementara menunggu tu dah macam cacing kepanasan.
'bila nak call? bila nak call?' pastu terlompat-lompat macam orang gila.
sengih sorang² bila teringat balik pasal call tadi tu.
over excited. haha.

another person from Fly Fm call lagi, lepas adam dah call tu.
because adam said, he/she akan bagi further details pasal tickets tu.
& that person suruh pegi collect tickets dekat sri pentas TV3 kat Damansara.
i was like, "hm. if let say i cant come, then how eh?"
she said boleh suruh relatives tolong amekkan.

so i asked for my cousin's help.
what a coincidence. he's in Damansara when i called him.
so dia yang tolong amekkan. heee.
if not, melepas camtu je tiket tu.

hm. so yeah. thats basically it. haha.
im so gonna see him tomorrow! YAY YAY YAYYYYY!
omg cant wait weh.
im gonna have a great time & scream my lungs out.
because.... i earn this. haha ;)

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