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okay, so.
suprisingly, today i woke up late. at around 9.30am i guess. (so what?)
haha. at 10am, turned on the tv to watch Beauty and The Geek on Star World.
man, i love that show. never missed it, ever.
i'll definitely watch it every single morning no matter what.
its on at 10am every weekdays in case you're wondering. :)

thing is, i dont watch tv a lot. not so much. yeah.
im not a couch potato. well, used to be.
it was a long time ago. but not anymore.
so nowadays, i only choose certain programmes to watch.
if not, nahhh. for sure tutup tv. boringgg.

honestly, i prefer the radio rather than the television.
why dengar radio weh? omg nana, euw?!
gila takde life! skrg ni zaman dah moden lah.
dengar radio macam orang zaman dulu² je.
suka hati lah! kesah apa? haha.

dekat radio in my room, setiap channel ada radio station yang berlainan. :D
even chinese pun ada. haha.
eh. before you do your *insert-wtf-face* here, lemme explain first.
the reason why i installed chinese radio station tu pun because
i wanted to practice my chinese language.
i've told you guys so many times on my previous posts kan.
im taking Mandarin classes at night. so yeah.
before i go to bed every night, sure tukar from Fly Fm to Ai Fm.
haha yeahh. Ai Fm!

actually, other chinese language radio station pun ada.
i think i have 4 channels JUST for chinese radio stations. hee.
you name it. Ai Fm. One Fm. My Fm. 988 Fm. (suprised?)

okay, back to beginning.
after i've finish watching Beauty and The Geek, tv tutup.
& then i turned on the stereo downstairs.
not too loud now. coz i dont like noise. :)
cari frequency 95.80. FLY FM! jyeahhhh. haha.

sometimes melalak jugak la sorang².
my other siblings are all at school.
so kesah apa? haha. thats the best part.
i have the house all on my own. woohoo!

so while the radio's on, i do whatever else besides tv lah.
sometimes online, (like what im doing now)
sometimes buat drawing, (its all coming good)
sometimes practice my mandarin.
and even sometimes when im really really lazy,
i'd just read yesterday's newspapers or go find something to eat. haha.

but usually, i always always have something to do. :D
so yeah. i dont get bored easily.

so today, i've decided to surf the internet.
since i've been away for like, 3 days now.
first things first: blogspot.
haha. gila rinduuuuu kat blog. agak lama tak update.
myspace? hm.

ada mood jugak la nak bukak myspace tu.
& today, i dont feel like it. maybe later la kot.
but i dont really know when.
sorry myspace buddies. syg korang, tapi malas nak bukak ms lah. :P

okay, so if dah tak bukak myspace then buat apa?
hm. there's a new game that my 10 y/o brother installed. haha.
DINO PETS! dapat from Cookie Crisp cereal box.
wahahahahhahahahahahhaha xD

he was the one yang gila semangated nak install.
& he was the first one to play the game.
at first i was like, "alamakkk.. ni je ke game dia? gila bosan!"
tengok², the next day he caught me playing that game.
BUSTED! ahaha. :D

dia gelakk je. but of course, im better than him at Dino Pets. (hee)
and to be honest, that game is pretty good.
you get to create your own Dinosaur as your pet.
& then take care of it properly so that dia masuk beauty contest to win first prize.
the more money you won, the more stuffs you can buy. blah blah blahh.
& the more you play with your pet, the more stuffs can be unlocked.
haha. its a very simple game. but, not bad la.
suitable for younger kids. not for me, but i actually enjoyed it. hahah.

okayy.. moving on. stop talking about Dino Pets. haha.
coz if not, sure timbul pasal game lagi satu.
from, a cereal box jugak. but this time, game helicopter.
another one. ahaha. adohh. -.-'

so as i was surfing the net, looking through all sorts of website. (dont get me wrong here)
i've decided to googled some of the famous quotes. (yeah i love quotes)
gila suka kot. so, pegi la cari. haha.
then tiba² terjumpa satu ni. i was like, WHOA! REALLY EH?
haha. made me realize something. something way wayyyyy back.
but yeah, whatever. its all over now right.
its all in the past. so yeah.

The couple that fights the most is the one most in love...
it shows they care enough to notice the other one screwed up and care enough
to mention it to the person so they can fix it.
When you stop fighting it means you stopped caring.

i'll update soon.
take care :)

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