baby twinkle,

few days ago, at the dinner table, daddy talk to me about something.
in my mind i was like, "for sure pasal matrix lagi la ni. education je for sure."
but suprisingly, suddenly he said, "kakak, next weekend or anytime soon i'll buy you a new phone okay? for you to go to university or college later on."
i was like, "ohh. okay."

is he in a good mood? hahah. because.
to be honest, i seriously didnt see that one coming.
& i never thought that he wanted to buy me a new phone.
after what had happened to my previous phone.
yeah, it was stolen. tragic story. haha.
i love that phone like crazy, siap bagi nama lagi "BABY TWINKLE", tiba² hilang.
you have no idea how much i cried.

even my friends liked that name. they even called my phone BABY TWINKLE.
they didnt call it 'your phone', instead they called it BABY TWINKLE. cute. haha.
BABY TWINKLE was actually a Sony Ericsson W810i. she was white.
& she was only 1 and a half month old. tiba², terus tak ada.
still new lagi okayyy! there was no scratch at all dekat badan dia. wuu :(

that incident was a couple of years ago. but i never forget it, seriously.
its still fresh on my mind. oh. and, at the moment, im using my brother's old nokia phone.
because technically, i dont have my own. so yeah.
been using it since i lost BABY TWINKLE.
but, i guess in a few days time i'll get a new phone to replace her.
im considering whether to buy Sony Ericsson or Nokia.

truth is, i prefer Sony Ericsson better. because, it has the style & everything.
im not fussy in picking phones actually. haha. my top choices are between;
X1, (its too expensive. daddy wont agree with me)
F305 or

if Nokia pulak, i prefer the new Xpress Music. but touch screen tu yang agak bosan.
for me lah. because, i want to have a simple phone for me to use everyday.
just to text & make calls. enough lah. haha. doesnt have to be too fancy.
if touch screen, gila tak puas pegang phone. i mean, its like, it doesnt act like a phone very much to me. know what i mean? oh.. forget it lah. haha.

we'll see je lah nanti what phone he'll buy me.
i'll tell you guys later. :)

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