oops! wrong one.

i thought i'd finally get the chance of meeting a real life architect yesterday.
turned out, he was not an architect.
instead, a professor from islamic studies or somewhat.
i dont know. i was tremendously devastated. :/

what happened was, yesterday i went to Shah Alam, to visit one of my dad's cousin.
so, um. i dont know what his relationship to me, but all i know is i call him Abang Hariri.
cousin ke? er. no idea. whatever lah. haha.
buat pening kepala je.

the main reason why we came to his house was,
1st: well of course to visit him & his family.
2d: to talk to him about helping me to get in one of the universities i've applied before.

he's someone in somewhere (dont ask me where. because i really dont know).
all i know is, he can help me to get in th universities i wanted.
oh & his wife, is one of the lecturers in LIM KOK WING UNIVERSITY OF CREATIVE TECHNOLOGY.
haha. yeah.

it has always been my dreams to get in that university.
tak tau plak i have a relative yang kerja sana. adohh. :P
she's a lecturer in faculties of Multimedia Creativity.

so, we talked & talked until late night.
tengah² bercakap tu, they called their next door neighbour to join us.
because they said their neighbour is an architect in UIAM.
so, he came. i was nervous like crazy.

but then, the more we talk about those stuffs,
about me getting to the university i wanted,
about choosing the right course for me to study (which is architecture),
suddenly, htier neighbour said he's not an architect in UIAM.
what the hell?

i was like, "then what is he doing here..?!"
but of course, i didnt say that aloud.
then, he explained. he's actually a professor in UIAM teaching what i dont know.
he talks so slow. i cant hear his voice.
such a down-to-earth man.

before we (my parents and i) went home,
they said to me, i should be prepared if i really really want to pursue for architecture.
and they said, i need to prepare my own portfolio full of my own drawings.
prespective drawings that is.
oh. and they even told me to be prepared for any upcoming interviews because they said,
its really tough if you're not prepared.
i was like, oh okayyy. i will i will.

there's so much to do to study architecture ey? :|

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