hari penentu masa depan

i knoww.. probably most of SPM 2008 candidates will write a blog about tomorrow.
yeah yeahhh.. figures.
but, what the heck? so what?
i wanna write my own too! hee :D

obviously, the whole Malaysia pun da tau esok result SPM akan keluar.
yeahh it was all over the news what. newspapers lagi tayah cakap la. even magazines pun.
kecoh macam gila. haha.

the thing that im scared the most is, of course, what if my result teruk?
what if i dont get what i expected? what if i disappointed my parents?
what if this.. what if that.. what if this & that? blah blah blahh.
& a whole lot more of 'WHAT IFS'. *sighs

come to think of it, im not scared you know.
to be frank, yes im not scared at all. i dont have any extraordinary feelings at the moment.
hahaha. well, at least, not until the last 5 seconds.
i was trembling like crazy. dont ask.

among my friends, i was famous for being 'the most laid-back girl' of all.
if dorg tengah tension cam gila, i can laugh & fool around lagi.
even if they're stress up or whatever, dorg sakit hati bila tengok i relax je.
ahahaha. serious tak boleh nak cuwak oh.
i dont know why. i was born that way. tak boleh nak menggelabah lebih.
hm. weird? i know.

ada some people told me, dont think negative lah. think positively.
your result will be very good, trust me. you pandai. boleh punya.
like, what the hell? yeah rightttttt..
i will always be a pessimistic. i will always think about the negative sides first,
then only the positive. haha.
still, cant help it. i was born that way. haha ;P

whatever happens pun tomorrow, i know i did my best for my SPM 2008.
& i'll accept whatever result i get.
doa banyak². InsyaAllah bagus. aminnn. :)

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