fun above the clouds

although i've went to Genting Highlands for sooooo many times already,
but i never get bored of it.
dont know why.
well, okay fine. maybe just a little.
but still, i had fun playing at the theme park. again.
yeah. ;D

why did we go to Genting Highlands again? hm.
how to say this. since it was the school holidays, so daddy wanted to take us on a vacation.
and.. because i was the ONLY ONE who didnt get to go to Bukit Tinggi before,
so daddy took us to Bukit Tinggi first.
went to see cute & cuddly, not to forget silly, rabbits at the Rabbit Park.
there was one of those rabbits, i picked him up.
& then cuddle it like its a baby. aww. freaking cute!
i feel like taking it back home with me.
(tengok la kaki dia! gila comel. ahahah)
then we went to check-in at the Selesa Resort.
dont know why daddy picked that place for us to stay.
we hated it. (my brothers & i of course)
there were hardly any decorations in our apartments. *sighs
didnt feel like a hotel at all.

but, i dont care much actually.
because, there was this one guy at the reception that caught my attention.
ahaha. i'd find excuses just to pass by at the reception.
heee. :P

i wish i could go there again, just to meet him. alone. :D

okayy.. moving on. enough about that adorable looking guy. haha.
hm. we spend the entire day at genting highlands on saturday.
played at both theme parks. we went in & out like nobody cares.
skejap masuk outdoor, skejap pergi indoor pulak. haha.

daddy bought us an all park tickets with no limits in one day.
so we can go wherever whenever we want.

blah blah blahh. im sure you know how genting highlands is.
so, i dont need to tell much.
the bottom line is, i had a lot of fun playing all day long.
oh yeaaaa. almost forgot.
there was a performance by the acrobatics team & apa team tah (they wear weird black & white costumes) from the show called DREAMZ.
& a magician called Enrique Polo.
they were AMAAAZING. oh. && to top it all off, there was even a white tiger on stage.
he's so cute, like a cat. only, bigger. yeah.
this was when the magician, Enrique Polo made his assistant disappear into the box.
the rest that happened on that day, i'll keep it to myself lah.
malas nak tulis. haha.
banyak lagi actually. :)

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