finally, a P!

went for metro early this morning to take my JPJ Test, well, with the JPJ of course.
had to wake up early. which, i dont usually do these past few days.
haha. :P

i was lucky daddy woke me up or else i will be VERRYY late for the test.
he knocked on my door at around 7am something.
i was suppose to be there at 7.50am. imagine, i have ONLY less than 50 minutes to get ready.
at first, i think it was quite impossible.

well, because i USUALLY get ready at least more than an hour.
so yeah. 50 minutes to spare?! not gonna happen.
but, lucky for me. i did get ready on time. pheww!

i was the first person to arrive at Metro USJ4. hahahah.
so much for someone who woke up late. :D
blah blah blahh.
the other arrived too. & kak ina drove us to Metro's HQ in Kampung Melayu Subang.

to short and the long of it, i passed the freaking test.
for bahagaian 2: bukit, parking & 3 penjuru i aced it.
never thought i'd do my bukit smoothly. haha.
usually my bukit was the worst ever. selalu mati enjin.
alhamdulillah there was no problem at all.

for my jalan raya, i did 3 mistakes.
didnt use signal, handbreak & suitable gear properly.
haha. whatever. my score was 17/20.

oh. & thank God i got a nice jpj tester. pheww!
he was a man. didnt talk much.
but, someway somehow, he was nice to me. haha.
kept telling me to hit the gas properly.
"tekan minyak kuat sikit dik.."
"okayy dik. boleh jalan dah.."
"tekan minyak dikk.."


as soon as i finished the test, kak ina came.
and.. i went home happily. with the thought of getting my P license sooner than i think.
yay! :D


L said...

congrates nana..
i dah dpt my P last friday :)

Nana said...

haha really? cool!
congrats to you too :)