THE customer of the day

"Your emotions could be running a bit high today, so you might want to warn people."

my horoscope from Friendster. hahah.
its exactly true :P
my emotions are running a bit high today. yeahh.

i was constantly smiling today, for no reason.
bila teringat that something, kejap² sengih. nanti, sengih lagi.
if tak pun, if ada benda yang salah sikit je, sensitive lebih. cakap tak best sikit je,
nak melenting. camtu lah. hahah. tak kira sapa.

today kerja. supposely fara teman me pegi lunch today.
but she texted me saying that she couldn't make it.
alang-alang tu, azri & ayan ada dekat Subang Parade.
"azri, you teman i lunch nak?" hahah.
he said okayy. they said okay. so, lunch harini makan dengan azri & ayan instead of fara. :)

but fara did come to Subang Parade. she went to see me at work.
at around 3pm. so we talk a little. lama gila tak sembang dengan dia kot.
mira pun katanya nak datang sana. tapi malam.
bummer! today i only work until 6pm. so tak dapat jumpa. :/

at work, sale tak banyak pun today. orang tak ramai. *sighs
boringgnya. but one of my customer really cheered me up today.
antara banyak² customer; ada yang gatal, sombong, senyap, baik & etc,
this man (African American kot) that i like the most.
know why? tengok sini:

"yes can i help you sir?"
(he didnt hear me coz he got his earphone on. i made annoyed faces. but not that obvious lah. haha.)
(after a while, he showed me the shoe he wanted)
"have. biggest?"
"the biggest size?"
(i took the shoe from him. nak tengok size)
"the biggest is size 10."
"(nodded) you. take. i. want. see. (he used sign language. pointed his two fingers at his eyes)"
"oh alright. no problem."

(went to the store to get his shoes)
(back at him)

"this one is size 10." (gave him the left shoe)
(he took it & measure it on his arm)
(i was like, 'what the hell is he doing? is this a new way of measuring your shoe size?')
& then suddenly..

"you. have. plastic?"
(frowning like crazy)
"um. sorry..? plastic?"
(wanted to laugh but i hold)
"yes. plastic."
(started showing signs again. this time, he patted his knee)
"sorry..? plastic? what do you mean?"
"plastic. you. know. that."
(he showed to the shoe box)
(then i get his idea..!)
"oooohhh. you mean, stockings?" (giggled)

so i go get the stockings he wanted somewhere in the drawer. on the way tu, tergelak tiba².
tak tahan. :P
tiba² Wawa (our new staff) tanya "kenapa gelak² ni haa?"
"hahah. tade apa tade apa."

(back to him)

"here you go."
(he put on the socks sambil berdiri.)
"you can sit down."
"oh. okay."
(i giggled)
"give. me." (pat his right leg)
(i get his point)
"oh. right."
"thank you."
(he tried on the shoe, after a while, he agreed to buy it.)
"its. okayy." (he nodded)
"but. no. box."
"oh okayy. no problem."

so i went straight to the counter. he called me again.
he picked out another shoe.

"this. have. biggest?"
"umm.. this one the biggest size is size 9. sorry. we dont have 10."
"okay. take. that. before."
"oh alright."

boleh plak masa tengah nak bayar tu, dia pegi tanya,
"you. accept. US Dollar?"
ahahah. i was stunned for a few seconds. then i chuckled.
my supervisor pun explain la that kat level bawah ni ada money changer whatsoever.
he was like nodding all the way. haha.

so, i gave him his shoes siap dalam plastic dah. coz dia tanak kotak. (punya la lawa kotak tu. dia tamau)
i said thank you. & then dia blah.
haha. lepas dia da bla tu, i was still laughing. sampaikan Wawa tanya kenapa.
so i explained every detail. she started to laugh too.

i mean, bukan nak kutuk ke apa. tapi, seriously that dude gila comel.
dia try nak cakap English, although dia tak berapa boleh sangat. aww. :)
teringin plak nak kenal. wahahah.

dia da masuk kedai Red Modani tu 2 kali actually. first time tak beli. tengok je.
second time baru beli. i saw him first.
& i knew from the first moment he stepped in, he's gonna buy a pair of shoes. haha.
thats why attack dia terus. ;D

oh yeah. & that one song is stuck in my head. Hilary Duff - Someone's Watching Over Me.
from the movie Raise Your Voice. such a nice song.
love it a lot. dont know why i cant get it out of my head.
haha. been repeating the same song over & over again on my iPod.

oh btw.

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Cai Hong said...

Hilary Duff - Someone's Watching Over Me.??

i also love dis song!~