work work work

OH YESSS! today im not working. hee. :D
it feels good to just.. hang out at home. spend time for myself & whatever.
away from those busy & hectic day at work.
running here, there & everywhere to get the shoes our customers wanted.
oh not to forget climbing high up the stairs.
JUST to get the shoes they wanted. wth?

sometimes i get scared. i mean, come on..
its verrry high up there. the top shelves okay?
& its totally not worth it if i fall down for just a pair of shoes.
oh hell no.

&& my jadual makan pun terganggu sepanjang bekerja ni.
makan tak tentu masa. sometimes lambat. sometimes awal.
but usually.. lambat. because kena take turns nak rehat.
thats why meh. kerja 11 hours a day. break 2 times.
know what? my pants semua da longgar like crazy.
hahaha. some might say its a good thing. but i hate it.

i mean, i like the part where im getting A LOT thinner than before.
but NOT the part where i have to wear belts from now on just to wear jeans. *sighs
even my favorite jeans (used to be the tightest of all) pun now kena wear belt.
to be frank, i hate wearing belts. seriously. dont ask why.
i just.. dont.

my quality time dgn family pun kurang da. nak kata takde pun boleh jugak laa.
because, i only see them once a day. pagi², semua dah pegi kerja & sekolah.
i went out of the house at 7.30am with mommy. stayed with her in her office until 10am.
then at 10.30am, she'll send me to subang parade. coz dekat je dengan office dia.
balik, if sempat, i'll get to meet my 2 younger brothers. oh. & daddy too. because sometimes,
they're already in bed. yeah meh. 10pm keluar. sampai rumah almost 10.30pm.
sometimes, me myself pun terus go straight to bed tidur. penat.

my time dgn my friends pun tade da.
not like it used to be dulu. :/
gila rindu nak dengar news from korang semua weh.
fyna, awk apa cite? okayy ke semua? hows u & ayan?
mira, since awk balik umrah, kte tak hang lagi kan? ckp pun kurang. hows work? ok?
fara, awk lagi lama kte tak dgr cite. since early feb kot. hows everything? hows work? hows u & ijal?

how areee you guys? i miss you like, really bad. really really bad.
if i could just, run to you guys & give you a hug pun da cukup da. rindu yang amat weh. :'(
know this; i love you like crazy & i totally miss you guys like hell. though kte jarang contact korang da.

i keep telling to myself.
sacrifices nanaaaaa.. be patient. tak lama je lagi. then this will all be over.
& u can blow all your money like nobody cares. coz its your bloody salary.
the thought about the salary that kept me going actually. its a lot of money.
a thousand plus kot. if not da stop da kerja situ. hahahaa. xD

moving on..
today, its not really a relaxing day for me.
because, first thing in the morning i have to go to Kampung Subang.
for my driving test. or as they call it, QTI with metro.
woke up at 8.30am. padahal kena ada kat sana at 9am.
SHIT! kelam kabut. ahaha.

i was late. veryyyy late. & i felt bad dekat Kak Ina.
because of me, almost everyone lambat. :P
haha. bodo betul. tidur lambat punya pasal.
watched Dreamgirls at HBO last night. until 1am. hee.
even when mommy rang me at 7am, i didnt pick up the phone coz seriously,
i was exhausted.

i mean, i can hear my phone ringing in my head,
but i didnt move a muscle to get the phone. that shows how exhausted i was.
im sure u know how kan? haha.
i bet most of you guys have those moments as well sometimes.

how was my QTI with Metro Driving Academy? I PASSED!
woahahshahashauahah! gembira tak terkata.
because i dont have to repeat it again. haha.

but the bad news is, my jpj test is due on 12th of March.
rumors has it that SPM 2008 result will be out on the veryy same day!
shit. macam mana ni?
i have to choose between those two.

nak pegi amek result ke nak pegi buat jpj test?
if jpj test tu awal, boleh balik awal. tapi if dapat turn lambat? ha.
terlepas sume benda. kawan² kat sekolah yang tengah semangated amek result pun da balik. so how?
of course la i want to take my result.
at the same time, nak jumpa my friends. kan?

helloo.. earth to everyone. result tu lagi penting dari jpj test.
but if i choose nak amek result on 12th instead of buat test with jpj,
my test will be postponed until early april.
WHAT THE HELLLLLLL? gila lambat weh!
another sacrifices i have to make.. *sighs

whatever happen pun. if dah confirm date kena amek result spm,
i want & i will take the slip myself. i want it to be handed to me. my own hand.
Syazana Azlin. & not anyone else. tak best la if orang lain tengok MY result dulu kan?
ha. so, hm.

oh. back from Kampung Subang, mommy took me to Subang Parade.
what? kerja pun kat subang parade. tak kerja pun kena pegi subang parade keee?
boringggnyaa. :(
but nvm lah. pegi je. its not that bad anyway.

i was home at almost 3pm. starving like crazy.
i think i could swallow 10 cows. sampai rumah plak,
tengok dapur atas meja kosong. WEH! APEHAL?
ni la masalahnya if dapat maid yang perasan pandai.
or maybe terlebih pandai.

tak call apa pun tanya if im going to eat at home ke apa.
terus simpan. orang tengah lapar cam gila.
telan baru tau. ngok betul.

oh. good news. iklan jap.
for those yang tengah cari keje, dekat tempat im working now,
(which is at Red Modani in Subang Parade) ada vacancy untuk promoter.
girls only. age tak kisah. part time or full time whatever.
salary: basic + allowance + comission.
senang cite, boleh reach a thousand plus la. :)
go try walk-in interview. haha.

because this sunday, one of the staff there, Wei Ling (my new friend. she's so sweet)
nak stop kerja dah. she has to go to PLKN this 19th March.
so, yeah. next week, im the ONLY promoter situ.

i wonder how its gonna be. hm.

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