terrible terrible day

yesterday was one of the worst day of my life. *sighs

everything is so messed up.
i dont know why when what where who which or how it happened,
but my mind was seriously disturbed & i have no idea where it went.

my driving was terrible yesterday. i made a lot of silly mistakes.
whereas the previous class my driving was flawless. shit.

that was nothing compared to what i went through in subang parade.
ayu, the woman who was suppose to interview me was in sunway pyramid.
WTF? padahal dia yang suruh datang interview on monday!
i was seriously pissed off like shit.

then i called her. she told me to go see jeffry, her assistant.
& so i did. but that stupid-and-immature-he-thinks-he's-all-that jeffry didnt want to interview me.
i asked him very politely, "are you jeffry?"
then he pointed at one girl in the store & asked me to go to her.
in two seconds, he disappeared & pretended like he's so freaking busy.

that girl told me. "maybe dia malas kot nak interview."
i think if i have a shotgun, i'll shoot him right in the face between his eyes then.

i abused him lots & lots of time. uh, HELLO? woman rage with anger here!
so i have an excuse. haha. (berkurun tak cakap those words actually. it felt good haha)
then i called ayu & told her what happened.
she told me to just leave my number to the girl in the counter.
she's new too. pfft.

i had enough of bad luck today & she told me to just leave my number on the counter?!
after all the trouble i went through just to get here. *sighs

i went to find another vacancies round subang parade.
there were some that really pisses me off.
i asked for a vacancy nicely & they treat me like im a damn salesperson.
again, lots of bad languages came out of my mouth. haha. :P

i got fed up with everything, so i called my mom to pick us up. (mira & i)

got home, my stomach was growling so loud i think the building was about to collapse.
i havent eat my lunch. & its 3.30pm. :'(
thank God i bought a mexican bun from rotiboy earlier while we were in subang parade.
done eating, i fell asleep due to a hectic day i've had so far.

around 6pm, after done showering, i was seriously in the mood to talk.
but not in the mood to talk to a person.
so, i sit on my chair, rest my head on my hands & stare at my fish on the desk.
to them, i spill everything. i whine as much as i want.
i talk to my fish about how i felt. about how bad my day was.

& i watch them swim round the bowl freely. no problems at all in their lives.
i know they're listening. by just watching them swim, it made me feel a lot better.
seriously. i love my fish. haha.
to thank them, i decorated their bowl with cute ribbons & put their food pallets in a very cute teapot-thingy thing i got from a friend. (i wanted to get rid of it actually. never thought it might come in handy.)

to be honest, at that moment, i was in the mood to brag.
so, i brag about the decorations i made for them to my family.
they loved it. & it really cheers me up. :D
oh btw. the purple net on top of the bowl tu, is to prevent lizards from eating my fish.
it happened before. so yeah. (can u imagine, fish-eating lizards?ish. kejam.)
& the stones, dari sungai semalam. ktorg kutip batu banyak².
voalah! nice huh? :)

so yeah. that was pretty much my whole day.
& now, my stomach is aching like crazy.
what could possibly be any worst than this?! ahhhh!
today is such a bad day.

some say i think too much. do i?
noooo idea. *sighs

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