should i be sad or happy instead?

like usual, today i do the same thing i did everyday. haha. (that sounds so lame)
yeah whatever.
i woke up. fed my fish. took my shower.
ate breakfast. watch tv. did some reading & drawing. (i can waste a lot of my time by just drawing. its my passion. sort of)
got bored, turned on daddy's laptop & online.

wanted to find a soundtrack from the movie Juno, Anyone Else But You. (baru habis tengok cite tu)
while i was busy surfing you-tube, my phone rang.
anonymous number. in my mind was like, who is this? must be metro.
lama gila dorg tak call. nak buat qti ni. but hey, its not the same number. who could this be..?

anonymous: hello, ni syazana azlin ke?
me: umm..yeah. speaking. (with a frowning face)
anonymous: oh hey syazana. hm. sekarang ni ada kerja dekat mana² tak?
me: (confused) uh.. noo.. tade kerja kat mana².. why..?
anonymous: oh okay. akak call from kedai kasut Red Modani dekat Subang Parade. akak nak offer adik kerja. adik start esok, boleh?
me: (REALLY confused) what? dekat mana lagi sekali?
anonymous: Red Modani (at least thats what i heard) dekat sebelah Parkson Subang Parade.
me: ohhh. (now i get the picture. hahah!) okay okayy. kedai kasut. yeahh?
anonymous: ya. akak nak offer kerja kat adik. start esok boleh? um..gaji RM700. itu tak termasuk elaun RM200. & comission.. blah blah blah. adik kerja dari pukul.. blah blah blah.

she talk a lot & really fast. i was confused. BIG TIME!
she said there's a slight of change of the salary due to somewhat going on.
or whatever.
i was like, oh okayy okayy.. thats all i can say. haha.
i cant understand her really well.

the conversation continues:

anonymous: soo.. macam mana dik? boleh start esok?
me: (still confused) uhh.. tak tau lagi la.. uh. sebab saya kena tanya parents saya dulu.
anonymous: oh. okay. boleh tanya sekarang tak? sebab akak nak jawapan sekarang.
me: (start panicking) uh..saya kena call dorg dulu la. dorg kat office, kerja.
anonymous: oh okayy. if macam tu, around pukul dua kejap lagi akak call balik okayy?
me: uh.. okay.

& she hung up.

quickly, i ran to the house phone & called mom.
i was shaking & sweating & trembling & shaking & sweating.
dont have any idea why. maybe i was overexcited? or scared? or shocked?
oh. i dont know. :/

mommy didnt answer the phone. i called her again, again & again. she didnt pick up the phone.
WHAT THE..? MOM!! i need to talk to you here, fast! pick up! urghh..
she still didnt pick up the phone.

so i called daddy instead.
thank God he answered the phone. so i explained everything to him with shaking voice.
about i got a call from a woman from a shoe store in Subang Parade offering me a job & start tomorrow & whatever..
after i finished, he said "oh. okay. ha terima la kakak."
thats all i hear. after those words, all i hear is like the wind.
daddy said goodbye. (he's in a hurry i guess. bad timing..)

i tried calling mom, again.
after a few times ringing, she picked up the phone. HALLELUJAH!
again, i explained from a to z about everything. about the salary.
about what to do. what to ask the woman. blah blah blah.
she said okayy too. i should take the offer.

the next person, i called fyna. oh i really need to talk to her. haha.
again, i explained the very same thing i said to mom & dad.
she too, said i should accept it.
i told her, there goes our plan to go shopping together this friday & saturday.
it was the first thing that came up to my mind when the woman was talking to me.
she chuckled & then continue, "never mind. awak cuti nanti boleh je keluar."

but it doesnt seem right. i mean, dulu masa tengah semangated cari kerja, semua reject.
konon cakap nak call. tapi satu apa pun tak dengar.
then now, bila i've already fed up & give up nak kerja, time ni la nak offer kerja.

bila my friends semua kerja, im stuck at home.
bila my friends dah stop kerja, only then i got a job.
SHIT! ughh. damn it.
i wanna hang out with my friends. :'(
i wanna be with them. :'(

but they said i should take this.
try je, they said. gain experience.
it doesnt come easily you know?
okayy.. okayy.. i'll accept the offer.

its 2pm. the same woman called me again.
so i told her i accept the job. blah blah blah.

i guess, i'll start working tomorrow.
yay me.

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