okayy.. so i've updated my blog. eh no. not exactly. (technically yes)
WHAT AM I TALKING? sheesh..!
what im trying to say is that, i've updated my blog profile, my blog templates,
my previous posts & whatever else.

why? because i feel like i have to. :)
i must & i need to. you see, im a perfectionist. um..no not really. well, sorta.
i cant stand seeing something left undone. it'll hunt me in my sleep till i finish it.
PROPERLY.. yeah. so you see my problems now?

to be honest, actually i wanted to do it a few weeks back, but never got the chance.
so, today i finally did it. there it is.

now i feel good about myself. haha.
one thing accomplished, a few thousands to go.

p/s: i heard some people had a hard time to figure out my blog layout. to those whos having problems & dont know how easy my blog is YET,
you just simply click on the 4 LOVE BUTTON thingy above the blog box to go to the other sections. alright? i hope that helps. :)
(tekan je love tu. okayy meh.)

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