he made me realize

its been 2 days since i started working.
& today im on leave.
my only chance to get up late. haha.

at 1400 hrs today, i was on the phone with mommy when my youngest brother, Syakir
got back from school.
the moment he sees me he said, "hai kakak. lama tak nampak kakak."
tersentap dengar his words.

then only i realize, yeahh. dah 2 hari tak nampak dia.
oh my. i feel bad.
ya lah. imagine..

i woke up at 0630hrs. siap whatever semua roughly around 0700hrs.
that time dia dah pegi sekolah dah. i go downstairs sure dia dah hilang.
then i got home, around 2230hrs. masa tu, dia dah dalam bilik tidur.

the same thing for 2 days now.
& imagine if today im still working sampai next week.
wahh. berapa lama tak nampak dia?!
tak de dah gurau² macam dulu oh.

gila banyak benda kena sacrifice sebab kerja ni. wuih.
now only i realize..

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