caramel popcorns,

i wanna watch Bride Wars, Pink Panther 2 & The Curious Case of Benjamin Button BADLY in the cinema. haha.
the last time i went to the movies, there were no interesting movies at all, AT ALL.
but now, there's 3 in a row. how unfair.
i dont have time to watch all 3?! (not really. i do have all the time in the world)

i just feel like i have to tell the world.
heyy, its not wrong to share right?
ha. i thought so..

cant wait to ambush the cinema.

p/s: this is the shortest blogpost i've evvver written. ;D


Azam Wh said...

hey thanks :D

ur blog is nice too ;DD

ahnafken said...

seems like u drop by but never leave ur comments...