cappucino candy

suppose today, we're going out. (my girlfriends & i)
because this saturday, (thats tomorrow. duhh!) mira is off to umrah with her family until the 20th. (we're gonna miss u like crazy!)
so like, we wanna spend time together lah. girls only.
that was the plan.
but, due to some transportations & family problems, the plan was canceled last minute.

so yeah.
nono going out today. :/

after feeding my adorable-and-fat-looking fish, i turn on the computer.
check my emails. blah blah blah. nothing interesting.
a whole lot of myspace crap.

but suddenly, my eyes were stuck on this one email i got from dailymakeover.
the subject was 'Top 20 Valentine's Day Hairstyles'.
i was like, "ooohh..interesting." haha. (actually byk kali da dapat email dari website ni tapi malas nak tengok, delete terus. hee.)

then i click on the website shown.
log in, wrote my username & password.
ting..tingg.. im in. ;D

without wasting any seconds, i click on the button 'makeover studio',
& start doing some makeovers.
OMG! to be frank, it was fun. seriously.
haha. havent done it in a long longg time.
so yeah.

& i was suprised at how good i am at makeover. haha.
from choosing the hairstyles for those models to putting on make-ups.
to be honest, i SELDOMLY use make-ups. (yeah coz i dont know how to put them on me)
seriously, i dont know how to put on make-ups.
i dont know what to buy. what to put first, what to do next..
yeah. i dont. :'/

well, because mommy wont let me wear any.
she said, my skin is still clean, young & fresh so no need make-ups at all.
or i'll end up like a zombie. okayy mommy..(thats why i end up wearing ONLY compact powder & lip gloss)

but it turned out that, those models looked really pretty & handsome, of course. ;D
make the long story short, i simply mix everything that i think is beautiful,
& BAMM! haha. (mostly, the make-ups i chose are for natural look. coz i love natural look. duhh so thats why they look so simple.)
its pretty addictive, so that explains why there are 4 photos here. hehe.. :P


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