i finally finished reading Thanks For The Memories, Cecelia Ahern's 5th book recently.
felt good. haha.
now all i need to do is buy her latest & 6th book, The Gift.
its already in store. but the other day, when i went to buy Thanks For The Memories,
i didnt have enough money to buy The Gift.

well, because mommy only gave me RM50.
the book coast about RM70 & above. i was devastated. haha.

but, there's always next time. so yeah.
the only thing i need to do now, ask money from daddy, & go buy another book to read.

hee. :D
im a total bookworm right now. *sighs
i've never like reading. but why all of a sudden, laltely, books really interest me. :)
maybe because i have nothing else to do. *fake laugh

im gonna go to MPH Bookstore soon to buy myself a new book.
doesnt matter if its Cecelia Ahern's or another author.
as long as its a book. & im able to read it. its fine with me.
or i'll die due to boredomness at home. haha.

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