frustration: shopping

back from Mid Valley. rindu gilaaa kat sana. haha.
daddy wanted to buy a new pair of shoes & my brother Syafirul wanted to buy new shin guard whatever for school. (did i spell shin guard correctly? hah)

as for myself, at first i was like, 'alaa lepak je lah. jalan² sudah.'
but then i think twice, biar betul ni? shopping lah! beli baju weh!
haha ;D

(tade kena mengena. just teringat kucing dkt pets wonderland)

before sempat buat semua benda yang telah disenaraikan di atas,
we went for dinner dulu at Subway.
eventhough i took half bread, still, i was seriously bloated! haha.
the food was nice. thanks daddy :)

okay. so, finished eating.. blah blah blahh.
time for shopping. Syafirul ajak pegi tempat lain.
as in, separate dgn family lah. daddy said okay.

i was seriously in the mood for shopping.
tak sabar nk spend duit nih. tapi, syafirul nak pegi yamaha store pulakkkk.
foineee.. :'(

i was like, sampai bila nak duduk sini?
those new clothes in those stores are calling me for god's sake!
tengok², keluar je dari yamaha store tu,
mommy called me. cakap dah nak balik da kejap lagi.
i havent buy anything yet!
we cant possibly go home now?

so terpaksa la pegi kat dorg dengan tade mood.
terus hilang segala happy cheerful mood tadi. :/
senyappp je.

dalam otak at that moment, i was contemplating.
when's the right time for me to go shopping?
i dont care.

ASAP, sunway pyramid. on weekdays.
no matter what, i'll go.
so, asked fyna to go with me.

she said okay. depends on the day je lah.
i told mom, she said okay.

mwahshauahauwha! :D
finally, i get to go shopping, FOR REAL.
cant wait to get my hands on those new clothes.
kempunan tahap max.
lama yang teramat sangat da tak beli baju baru.

(she's so pretty isnt she? aww)

p/s: if i want something, i'll DEFINITELY will go get it. pronto. :)

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