wo feichang piaoliang!

serious, i have no idea why, but lately,
my idleness to online is getting heavier by the day.

especially nak on myspace. iunno why lah.
nowadays rajin sikit je untuk on blogspot.
maybe because im too busy studying mandarin? :P
or perhaps busy nak habiskan baca that english novel i bought last month?
hm. idk.
tapi, conclusion, M + A + L + A + S = tanak online selalu. ;D

OR maybe sebab dah cuti lama sangat.
masa mula² cuti, mmg smngted nak online.
kalau boleh every single day.
but now, makin hari makin bosan.
maybe kot la eh? hm. ye kot.
because asyik ulang the same thing over & over & over again.
blog lain cite lah. :*

oh yeahhh.
speaking about Hanyu. hee.
saya sudah semakin fasih. :DDD
i can make my own sentences dah. i can pronounce properly jugak.
&&& i can even understand some of the words they said.
simple² words dulu. but still. :)

here's one :
wo feichang piaoliang! hahah.

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