titanic shminanic

i made a syazana-azlin-world-record record today!
hahah. when i woke up today, its almost 11am.
greattt. this is what happen if you turn off your alarm clock & go back to sleep.
but i was very very sleepy & very very very tired anyway.
thats why i didnt even bother. hahah.

slept at 5am last night. what was i doing, i heard you asked.
well, i watched TV until 3am, then went straight to my room.
lock the door, turn on the radio & then lie on bed.
next, i took my Cecelia Ahern's Where Rainbows End & start reading it like nobody's business.
until 5am. hahah. i can keep going actually, but i decided its better for me to sleep.
or i'll get very VERY cranky the next day coz not having enough sleep (or not having any sleep at all).

what was i thinking watching tv until 3am in the morning, i heard you asked.
well, because Channing Tatum & Kate Winslet & Leonardo DiCaprio is on TV! :D
there was Step Up! & Titanic on star movies.
i cant turn the tv off. its so against the law of my after-spm-i-can-do-whatever-i-want list.
so, yeah. plus, they were both great movies. :D
havent watch it for a long longg time.

yet again, i cried watching Titanic. yes, i cried.
that movie always gets me. so i got all teary & melancholic & whatever alone.
tissues are all over the place. hahah.
hey, there's nothing wrong for a girl to cry watching a very romantic love story.
there's nothing wrong for a boy to do that too. ;)
haha plus, i haven't do it for a long longg time. so come to think of it, it was kinda fun.

believe it or not, i watch the credits until the end.
listening to Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On throughout the credits made me all teary & sad once again. hahah.

there was a sudden flashback about the movie in my head.
about Jack & Rose. how he fought every obstacles just.. to live.
how they stayed together until the end.
how he loved her so much he'd do anything for her. he sacrifice his life for her.
& that, is totally, without a doubt, a true love. :')

& today i did some research on the unsinkable ship, RMS Titanic.
suprise suprise. there were a lot of things that i dont know.
& now i do. :)
i googled everything i can. from wikipedia to yahoo.

and today, im thinking of going to bed early.
coz im gonna go jogging with Fazlin tomorrow, early in the morning.
so yeah.

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