this IS history

yes.. yes i did watch The Inaguration of Barack Obama last night.
oh yes i did. i witnessed everything.
it was all live on tv. & yes, it was all over the news (duhh! its all over the world).
through CNN, BBC Entertainment & etc. well of course, i watched it through CNN. :)
from the moment where the Obamas left the White House with the Bushes after having coffee.
from the moment where they got in the car to go to the US Capitol.
from the moment where the VIPs arrived at the US Capitol.
from the moment where Obama took the oath of office at the US Capitol.
from the moment where he spoke his inaugural's address that took 28 minutes (& i listened to every word).
enough said. i witnessed everything lah! haha.

i stayed up until 2.30am watching ONLY Obama on tv. haha.
& you know very well, how much i love history.
plus, im not the only one watching it.
over millions & billions of people around the world does it too.

& i still cant get enough of it actually.
i wanted to keep going. its like, if its possible, i DONT want to off the tv,
but i had to get some sleep. coz im going out today, so yeah.
billions around the world is pinning their hopes on a new world order and era in American politics.
Obama is the man! "YES WE CAN."

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