swollen eyes

note to self :
never EVER eat so much when you're at home.
never EVER eat snacks in between meals.
never EVER sleep if you're having a stomach pain.
MUST cutback your diet.

shit! the WORST stomach pain EVER in my whole entire life.
well, good news, at least, so far it is.
doesnt matter. fact is, ITS KILLING ME BY THE MINUTE!
it hurts like shit. & i felt like all my limbs are going to explode.. :(

boohoo. i cant even sleep last night.
my beauty sleep was disturbed by my stupid bladder wanting to go to the toilet.
i woke up about 3 times to discharge all those stupid waste matter from my body.
& yeah. now, im having a backache. ahahah. :P

should've not say that. too much information. haha.
but, whatever..

the toilet is my 2nd home at the moment.
keep coming in & out of it. woohoo. :'(
& i lost count how many times i did it already.

this is what happen once you're having eating disorder.
oh joy. :|

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