no connection

oh gosh. it feels like ages since i last update my blog.
though it has only been a couple of days. :D
okay. to be exact, its only been 3 days.
so what if i exaggerate a little? hee.

this is what had happened.
last couple of days there was a heavy rain.
& yeah. as usual, if there's a heavy rain, for sure there's a very strong storm.
or some people might call it lightning. haha.

there goes our wi-fi.
bloody hell.
terus tak boleh guna. :'(

& for a few days i suffered at home.
life was like hell with no internet.

but then, daddy came to the rescue.
earlier today, he tried to fix the wi-fi.
(because he was away with mommy until tuesday)
oh joy..
there was actually no problem at all (at least, i think so. idk).

because he said, "laa.. kenapa kakak tak ubah je wayar ni?"
(silence for a few minutes)
"haa.. ni abah da dapat! boleh connect dah kakak."
(i was feeling annoyed & a bit stupid)
"hmm.. dapat lah."

hahah. so yeah.
the wi-fi still can be used.
the internet is okay now.

that reminds me.
gila lama tak bukak myspace! OMG.
i miss my friends on myspace. gosh.
how are they doing now eh?
we need to catch up. big time. :)

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Fikri said...

hy u,ahah on la ms,hahah u visit my blog ek,