metro mandarin

this morning i had a driving lesson again with Metro Driving Academy.
it was a whole lotta fun! i did it together with mira.
why? for no reason. haha. she's my bestfriend. what do u expect?

the class was suppose to start at 8.30am.
but Ms. Tan was late, so she open the office late also lah.
i got there at 8.15am. mira was there at 8.20am.
so we waited until 8.35am. then only Ms. Tan arrived.

then around 9am En. Kamal, our instructor arrived to pick us up.
once we got there, i went to see Kak Ina. to ask for my L licence.
shit. my licence got no photo of me on it. -.-'
she told me to put a photo of myself there & then go laminate it.
okay kak ina. i will. in fact, i'll take a new photo of myself, the latest one a.s.a.p,
& then i'll put it there. haha. :P

oh. the class start. i let mira to drive first. again, for no reason. hahah.
En. Kamal Hisham is such a joker. we cant stop laughing!
because he keep making jokes about almost everything.
but its good though. coz we didnt feel any pressure at all. :)

mati enjin? hahah. tayah cakap lah!
my turn, it happened twice. mira's turn, idk la.
didnt count. too busy looking out the window. ;D

kereta macam kuda? still. tayah cakap.
it happened so many times. both mira & i.
lepas clutch cepat sangat. minyak tak masuk. handbreak tak tekan.
gear tak tukar. banyak benda lah!
we made a few mistakes. but, thats how we learn right?
so, never mind lah. we both are still in the process of learning.

but En. Kamal (or should i say Abg Kamal?) did gave us a few compliments about our driving.
haha. & it felt really good. right mira?
we felt really confident in ourselves. & still are. :)

he sent us back at around 12pm something. i wanted to buy something to eat.
so pegi la kedai kat depan rumah tu. oh gosh.
that dude is still there!? HAHA!
terpaksa masuk kedai dia jugak. because nk beli barang lah!

what dude, i heard you asked? oh. there's this indian guy dekat kedai tu (assume his name is A).
banyak kali jugak la i went there (duhh. kedai tu dekat dengan rumah je kot), so,
each time pegi, sure dia pandang tanak bla.
he's harassing me! haha. so, whatever la kan.
before this cam, tak heran je.
but tadi was a whole different story.

masuk je kedai tu dengan mira, i saw his face sengih² dah. WTH?
then dah amek barang yg nk dibeli, went to the counter (assume orang counter ni B),
they were talking in tamil. looking at me. then i said to B, "apa? tak paham lah!"
then A was laughing. dalam hati, 'apehal dia tu?' hahah.
they still continue cakap tamil. tiba², dia suruh i open my mouth.
why? sebab nk tengok braces. WTF? haha.

of course la i said no. then dia pegi tanya,
"bukak mulut. nak tengok tu."
"eh? mana boleh."
"dah berapa lama dah pakai tu?"
"lama dah."
"bila bukak?"
"nanti lah. tak lama lagi."

(& btw, braces ni soon akan dibukak. next appointment kot. hm. i know, i know. before this dah pernah pakai dah. & yes, mmg dah pernah bukak. but i had to wear it back again. why? because my gigi depan yang tengah tu jarang. jarang as in, banyak la jugak gap dia. so, kena rapatkan balik. or my gigi akan jadi macam Sharifah Aleya. okay, euw. thats a HUGE nono. so kena pakai for 2-3 months. then lepas ni, bila dah bukak, i have to do a surgery. what surgery? kena bedah my gusi. ouch! yeah yeahh i know. it DOES sounds painful. but, hey. no pain no gain. so, yeah. lepas ni, kena buat surgery. oh, why kena buat surgery? sebab, doctor cakap, so that nanti my gigi tak jarang balik. coz if tak buat, most probably, my gigi ni akan jarang balik. so he said better buat. (ye ke? or he's aiming for the money? haha. no jk.) so, yeah. maybe next appointment, i'll be doing that surgery.)

okay, moving on..
dah habis bayar tu, i went outside, terus cakap kat mira,
hahah. mira gelak je. kurang asam. then we said goodbye.
i went home. she went home jugak lah.
then balik rumah, tertidur. penat.

at night, around 8.30pm, kelas mandarin start.
today i learned a few new words lagi. yay! :D
& ada nak kena practice writing & pronounciation.
so, yeah. thats all for today.

im going offline now. wanna call fyna.
its been SO LONG since i last heard her voice.
i miss her. so yeah.
i'll update soon. nite. :)

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