i mean, seriously.

on day time today was soooooooo boring. i had nothing to do.
i repeat, NOTHING. for crying out loud, im dying here people!
times like this i wished the ground would swallow me up,
that a natural disaster would occur & everyone would have to evacuate the building
& saves themselves. in fact, that was a good idea. yeahhh! :D

i overslept until 11 this morning.
haha. again, yes yes.. i know. anak dara tak patut bangun lambat. pfft.
SO WHAT? haha. its not like i have anything else to do.
& somewhat, sleep sounds like a good idea to me. :P
a very good idea. haha.

so whatever.. we skipped the fact that my whole day is so full of boredom.
the climax of January 23rd, 2009 of my life is my enjoyable mandarin class at night.
hahah. yeahh, i know. dia ni tak habis² dengan mandarin..
so what? its not my fault i love mandarin since i was a little girl. haaa.
ignore this smiling bread

i had no appetite to eat dinner so mommy took me to Secret Recipe for a treat.
aww. she was so sweet. bought me & my 2 little brothers a slice of cake for each of us.
i get to choose the cake! HAHAHAHA :D
i bought Chocolate Indulgence, Chocolate Strawberry & Chocolate Banana.

mine was Chocolate Indulgence. i barely finish my whole slice coz i was seriously satiated.

went upstairs & got into the class.
hey, i was the first one to arrive! ahaha.
usually i came late, but this time, im the first person. :)
greeted teacher with a 'Hello' then i continue doing my last week's homework silently.

then came Man, idk how old he is, but he's nice to me.
he asked me, "dah siap ke homework last week?"
omg why dia ni tanya? oh shit! im dead.. please la cikgu jangan dengar.
i just shook my head & then he laughed.
WTH? dia pun tak habis lagi! baru nak bawak keluar buku. bising kat orang plak.
suddenly, teacher came to me. look at my book & then asked me.
"why didnt you finish your homework?"
"eh..teacher. um..these numbers, its very..confusing. i dont know how to do."
"oh..you're confused? okay okayy..i'll explain to you later."
then i gave him a smile & said okay.
(hey, its not my fault he has a pleasant face to look at! haha. he just got a new haircut. you know, chinese new year. & THAT made him look even better.)

oh. & his name is Jeffry. (sorry if i misspelled your name)
i think he's 25-ish or something. late 20s lah. :)

when everyone has finally arrived, he started the class.
he taught us a few new words. did some drills.
oh & he said, "its Chinese New Year right, so i teach you a few words that are related to CNY okay?"
then the whole class laugh.

did i mention that im getting pretty good at pronouncing those mandarin words?
yeahhhh. my han yu pin yin is better now.
wayyy better than last time. heee. ;D
i didnt make a lot of mistakes. so, teacher didnt have to correct my pronounciation that much either.
bangga? mestilah! sapa tak happy en? haa.

its almost 10pm. teacher taught us numbers.
he said, "i have to teach this one because Nana didnt understand. she said she's confused."
the moment i heard my name, i tilt my head up, nodded & gave him a smile. (again)
haha. but then, Lily (idk how old she is. but she has kids on her own. so yeah.) interfere.
she said, "yeahh. im confused too. its so complicated."
"oh really? okayy. then i'll explain."

the best part was when, he explained a little & then he asked me,
"do you get it nana?"
"you okay nana?"
"can you understand nana?"
ahahahaha. :PPPP

for a second there, i thought i'd melt. haha.
for the record, everytime he talk to me, i'd give him the sweetest smile ever. hee :D

ting ting tinggg..
its 10pm. time to go home.
but i still find it hard to understand those numbers in 汉语. (mandarin)
i mean, if 1, 2, 3, 4,5 until 10 okayy lah.
even if 12, 17 or 20 i still can understand.
yi, er, san, si, shisan, shiwu, shiliu & etc.

the hard part is when he gave me numbers like, 25,251 or 602,301 or 5,268,300,100.
THAT is what i dont understand. its pretty hard.

everyone had left already. so that left me & a little boy (i think he's only 7) & Jeffry.
so i asked him to explain to me once again. he did.
& i was like, nodding all the way. haha.

went home, continue eating my leftovers. my chocolate indulgence cake. :D
haha. then watch tv for a little while.
& now, im doing this.. :)