Gōng Xǐ Fā Cái

yeahh. Chinese New Year is only a few days away.
to be exact, its 2 days left until Monday, 26th of Jan.
then everyone will be on holidays. celebrating Chinese New Year.
others might go on a vacation.
ignore this photo

the best part of CNY? HOLIDAYS of course. duhh!
haha. oh yeah. i totally forgot about those mandarin oranges.
omg. okay okayy.. holidays are not exactly the best part of CNY.
its those mandarin oranges! :D

i can eat tons of em. they're sooooo nice & sweet & yummy &&& round.. what? round? er.. ignore that part
haha. my dad bought us one box of mandarin oranges last few days.
& i was the one who ate the most. :P

last 2 days, mommy bought another 2 boxes, (because the last one finished already)
but she left only one at home because the other one, she wanna bring it back to Perlis.
& yes i admit it, i ate A LOT of mandarin oranges! haha.
before lunch, after lunch, tea, before dinner, after dinner, for supper & etc.
sometimes i even took one to my room & eat there. hee.
i cant help it. they're sooooo tempting.

fun facts:
DID YOU KNOW? that women eating more mandarin oranges are likely to avoid the loss of bone density after menopause - fruit research laboratory of General Institute of Agriculture and Food Industry Technology on 3rd posted the result of their nutritional epidemiological research, to the online edition of international magazine specialized for osteoporosis.

okayy. moving on..

oh. & good news for my two younger brothers.
their school took a week off. how unfair! & i thought they're on leave until tuesday only.
how nice.. i have the whole week to annoy them.

oh. & i did mention that, yesterday i go to mandarin class, Jeffry (my teacher) taught us a few new words that are related to CNY on my previous blog, right?
haha. yeahh. he's so nice. :)

omg. okay sorry.. moving on.
he taught us Wàn Shì ; Xin Nián Kuài Le ; Shēn Tǐ ān Kāng ; Bù Gāo Shēng ; Cái Yuán Guǎng Jìn ; Háng Bāo Nài.

i like the last one. háng bāo nà lái! háng bāo nà lái!
haha. i'll say those to my uncle soon. wahaha. (evil laugh)

i hope we'll (my family & i) will go somewhere on CNY. im getting tired sitting at home like a granny. tinggal nak menjahit je. nasib baik tak pandai.
if not surely i'll call myself a granny. haha.
oh. grandmother in mandarin is nainai. :)
i learned that yesterday. part of those new words. haha.

lots of people said i look chinese. & many got confused.
they would come up to me & said "are you chinese?"
hahaha. they said i have that 'chinese' look. mata sepet. yeahh. i got that a lot. gee..thanks.
some even said i should go celebrate CNY.

cant wait to go to the mall. im sure there'll be dragon dance everywhere.
its kinda noisy. coz its so loud. duhh. my eardrums nearly smashed bcoz of it.
but its enjoyable. i love to watch those dragon dance.
its amazing how those dancers can dance perfectly well with those costumes & dragon heads on.
haha. :)
i love the part where the dragon blink their eyes. aww its so cute! haha.

when it comes to decoration, most of the houses here semua tanak kalah
decorate it with red lanterns outside of their house.
its like, part of their traditions. its nice. i mean, its all red & shiny. banyak ong maaa.
i love to pass by their house & admire those decorations.

oh && my next door neighbour usually give us angpau.
sometimes RM5 sometimes RM10.
ng bāo nài! heee. :D

so, to those whose celebrating, have a joyous Chinese New Year!
the year of the ox. xin nián kuài le. :)

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