dear cousin,

woohoo! i have the house all on my own.
ahaha. no mommy. no daddy. no parents.
they're all going back to Perlis.
& im the oldest in this house. & i ruleeeeeee!
(okay not exactly. i have a maid. but hey, u know what i mean..)
just an expression. haha.

so, mommy has arranged. tonight, we're going out with my cousin, Abg Faizal.
wehehehe ;D
yeahh just the four of us.
where to i heard you asked?
hm. we dont know yet. its still in discussion.
well yeah. i have to debate with my two younger brothers about where to go & what to do tonight.
whether to watch movie or just hang out.

i cant do whatever i want you see.
i have to consider them too. most importantly, my youngest brother, Syakir.
duh. i have to think of his priority first. (or else my brother will sulk until my parents get back. which is NOT good. coz i hate him when he does that. its so annoying.)

yeahh. thats the beauty of being the youngest.
people have to follow what you desire.
THIS is his expression once he got what he want. haha.

so, hm. we're still in discussion.
whether to go to Sunway Pyramid (dah selalu sangat pegi), Subang Parade (euww! who wanna go there?), Mid Valley (agak bosan), One Utama (tengok movie & then what? dorg ni nak jalan? pfft. harapan!), KLCC (its okay with me. but, dorg?), Pavillion (uh. i dont like it there), Times Square (yeah dorg tak pnah pegi. hm.)
which one la yeh? adohh.

IF nak tengok movie, nak tengok cite apa? hm.
Yes man? Bedtime Stories? (tak payaaaaahh! bodoh dorg ni. pegi sokong Israel. sah² babi. ha. kan. da lama tak cakap perkataan tu. haha)
what else? omg. im so outdated pasal movies weh. ahahaha.
berkurun tak tengok movie. thats why tak heran pun. :P

its so hard to decide. *sighs
i have to go get ready.
though its only 5pm, but hey.
a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.
haha ;D

i'll let you know how everything goes soon.
later. :)

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Cai Hong said...

haha yeap,girls nid ages to get done wif dressup,make up aha