day out

mhmm. spent one whole day at pyramid together with my best girls Fyna & Mira.
well, because Fara started her first day of work today. so, yeah.
she cant join us. :/

but we did visit her at work. haha.
she was so afraid to talk to us. its her first day, so its normal.
chill yeh babe. jangan la tegang sangat muka. :)

oh. mira & i got there early. around 11.30am something.
because mommy had to take my brother to the clinic. so yeah.
agak rushing jugak lah nak siap.

first things first. once we got there, FIND ANY JOB VACANCIES THAT ARE STILL AVAILABLE. haha.

ktorg masuk banyak tempat kot.
from Levi's, Santa, Swank Shop, Lence, Wearhouse, Kitschen, Guess, Primavera, Xixilli, Voir, & etc lah.
there's too many to list down.
but only a few yang offer the job.

as for me, first, i gave my number to Voir. they said they would call.
which, i dont think will ever happen. thats their way of saying, 'we dont want you' in a good way.

then next, we head off to Kitschen. ada job vacancy. omg.
they seriously are looking for a girl. & yes I AM A GIRL! hahah.
so they said, they'll call me in a day or two.
i was soooo happy. haha.

oh. we even masuk Santa. just for fun.
saje nak try our luck. i was the one yang masuk mintak that job vacancy.
omg. terus dapat. ahahahah.
we weren't expecting this weh!
start kerja esok. esok. ESOKKKKK!?
oh hell no. im still waiting & hoping for Kitschen to call me.
so, i told Santa, i wanna postpone the date.
so she said, Friday is the last chance she could give me.

& so i was like, okay okayy. i'll take it.
although i was not very happy about it. :/
i wanna work at Kitschen!
still waiting for their call. hope they will lah.
cepat la call weh! haha.

i told Zul about all these & he got angry at me. haha.
he said i didnt wait for him untuk cari kerja together. sorry lah zul.
but im sure you'll get one too, here.
banyak gila job vacancies! nanti, just like you said, we go break together like a date.
ahaha. find a job first!

oh & our day out? it was superb. i had such a blast with my girls.
they were superamazinglyawesome.
cant wait for our next date weh korang. haha.