1 utama

oh gosh. yesterday was booooooooring.
i wish i didnt go, seriously.
it was nothing besides dinner & a movie.
i repeat, NOTHING ELSE for crying out loud. *sighs

if i know thats what we're going to do, i'll definitely suggest us to go to Sunway Pyramid earlier.
save petrol money. save time. & not to mention, save my feeling from being crushed.

we watched Inkheart (the show starts at 9pm) at GSC Cinema.
(because there was no other interesting movies)
but i have to admit. the movie was not bad.
i mean, its pretty good. i did enjoy watching it.
you should go watch too.
(if you have no option left)

i wanted to watch Underworld 3. but then, my 10y/o brother, Syakir was there with us.
so yeah. nono horror movie for him.
(though he said he's brave enough to watch that kind of movie. i didnt buy it.)

went home around 12am.
to prevent myself from dying with boredom, i watch tv until 3am.
read Cecelia Ahern's book PS, I Love You that i borrowed from fara until 4.30am.
then went to bed.

(see how boring it was *sighs)

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