two thousand and nine

its new year's eve! :)
aww. how exciting seeing everyone so happy celebrating new year.
all are welcoming 2009 with heaps joy & happiness.
its all in a matter of time.
only a few minutes left till we say goodbye to 2008 & welcome 2009 in our lives.
im sure the moment the clock ticks 0000hrs, fireworks will be everywhere in the sky.

for me personally, 2008 was a great year.
not the best, but definitely memorable.
i mean, there were so many unforgettable memories i've had throughout this year.
although, some might be bittersweet, some might not.
but, yeah. i enjoyed every moment of it.

i've fallen out of love, had plenty of heartbreaks,
cried my heart out like shit, got new friends, lost old friends,
represented school in track & field (twice already :P), skipped classes (joy! :D),
flirted with a lot of guys, met long-lost friends,
fixed my relationship with a couple of person, did my SPM,
went to prom, blablabla & a lot more.

its difficult to list it all here. but, you get what i mean right?
what im trying to say is,
everyone around the world, doesnt matter if you're somebody,
or even if you're nobody, you must have had a great time in 2008. :)
& its nice sometimes to just sit back, chill out & flashback all the memories you've had throughout the year.

some might got married, some might got a divorced,
some might have a new member in the family,
some might fall in love again, some might loss some weight,
or maybe gained some eh? haha.
some might lost their jobs. & whatever else.

the thing is, whatever happened to you in 2008,
you cant carry it all in 2009. you cant re-live those you went through already.
2009 is a brand new year for everybody.
everyone who is anybody will have their brand new aim,
their brand new resolution, their brand new determination,
their brand new intention for 2009,
hoping that 2009 will be a better year than 2008.

whatever you're wishing & dreaming & hoping for in advance,
i wish you all the best, & have fun along the way.
laugh. laugh all you can. be happy & enjoy yourself at all time, whatever you're doing.

& wish me luck for MY 2009. :)
the highlight of this brand new year is, i'll be taking my SPM result in march.
shit. haha.
do pray for me.

nana :)

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