summary of first day raya

woosh! first day of raya is tiring man.
gah. i cant feel my feet.
too much walking.

early this morning, we went sembahyang raya at Santan, Perlis.
because its nearer to where we're at.
plus, daddy dont like to go to other mosque because its kinda far.
so, yeah.

after done praying, we went back home & ate breakfast.

then, our family bermaaf-maafan & all.
we shook hands. there's tears all over.
mommy cried. adik ariff cried. they missed abang, whos in Russia currently.
abang tak beraya dengan ktorg tahun ni. :/

soon after that, we went to Chuping.
beraya lagi. took some photos.
ate some more ketupat. yumm!
& i got moooooooooooorre duit raya. yay!

keadaan dalam rumah sangat meriah. bising & kecoh & macam² lah.
suka tengok reaksi semua orang. :)

we visit every house in Perlis. haha. jokes.
no. we went to most of our relatives' house.
it was nice. we get to eat more.
&& more duit raya for me. woot woot!

only now we're back home.
haih. tiring. i wonder whos house we're going tomorrow.
&& how much more duit raya shall i get? :P

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