yeahhh. we took Rhys to Putrajaya today.
its been a while since my last trip to Putrajaya.
i cant remember when exactly.
but thanks to Rhys, i was there again. :)

daddy drove us there. with Kia.
Rhys sat on the front with Syafirul.
Syakir & i were on the back seat.
got there, first things first, DINNER!

while waiting for our food to arrive,
we took some photos near the fountain, under the tree lah, wtv wtv.
i had so much fun! :D

then, after finished our dinner, we went to Alamanda.
mommy & daddy wanted to take Rhys shopping.
so, yeah.

he bought two pairs of earrings for his mother i think?
no idea. but yeah.
oh. we even went to Yamaha store & check out a few drums.
what a blast. ;)
seriously, i've never had so much fun going to Alamanda.
usually, if i went there sure borinngggg.
because there's not much stuff here.

look at them. playing with the escalator. haha.

oh. after we're done with Alamanda, daddy took us to this one Dataran.
i dont know their names! shit.
what a shame. hahah. xP
we took even MORE PHOTOS there.
played with the huge balloon near the Perbadanan Putrajaya building.
hahah. honestly, that was the craziest thing i've done in my whole entire life.
Rhys pulled down the balloon just so he could touch it.
these photos explains everything. its a bit blurry. yeahh, stupid camera.

oh. & then we went to the bridge.
that so-called beautiful bridge in Putrajaya.
Rhys was bare foot because his slippers was dirty & wet.
thanks to the wet grass in Perbadanan Putrajaya building. stupid.
even my shoes were wet! gah.

yeahh. snap snap snap some more photos.
there were hardly any cars on the road. fun!
haha. :D

im done with the bridge, Perbadanan Putrajaya building,
the Dataran thingy, what else ey?
probably thats all. mhm.
cant wait for tomorrow. what are we gonna do next? :)

gmbr² blurr. sebab apa?
sebabbbbb camera tu bodoh. nama je lebih. ah.

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