the last 5 days

the last 5 days had been a joy to me.
the 5 days that i would never ever forget in my whole entire life.
it was awesome. wonderful. spectacular. amazing.
what else? you name it. haha.

it was our first time having an outsider in our house.
i mean, someone from out of state.
Rhys Staker was from Melbourne, Australia.
he's 15y/o. he's very polite, friendly, funny & cute.

we did a lot with him.
my family even took him to Putrajaya.
we walked to school. went shopping in Sunway Pyramid.
& whole lotta stuffs.

it was nice having you here.
though it was only for 5 days, but you've been a great 'brother' to me.
& a great 'son' to my family. :)
im sure gonna miss your blue eyes.
&& the way you said 'MAAF'. haha.
come back again rhys.
& we'll show you more amazing stuffs & places in Malaysia. ;D

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