kuala selangor

suppose today they (fourians & melbourne students) went to Kuala Selangor, Perak.
to see the fireflies.
but noooooooo. it was raining, quite heavily.
so they called the trip off.
aww. what a miss. :/

so, they had to go back home early.
mommy said maybe, just maybe, we'll go to Shah Alam.
to my aunty's house.
because she said, she wanna let Rhys play guitar at her house.
my aunty has a whole lotta musical stuffs in her basement.
you name it. guitars, drums, pianos & etc.

but not for me. i cant come.
because i had to go for tuition in Taipan. bummer!
shit man. what is this happening to me?!
i wanna go tooooo! gah.

heh. guess what?
there were only 11 students in my tuition class, including me.
stupid. made me feel a lot worst.
thank God Syarah came. :)

went home, Rhys & my brother Syafirul were at home.
they didnt go to Shah Alam. hahah.
now i feel a lot better. :P

yeah, so. that all.
nothing much for today.
we shall see whats up for tomorrow.

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