proudly, these are the photos of our home town in Perlis.
northern side of Malaysia.

the first one is in Santan, Perlis.
its my daddy's house.

they have a nice view of paddy field at the back of the house.
since its been raining most of the days,so yeah.
see. see. haha.

&& this one, is my mother's house.
its in Alor Sena, Perlis.
its slightly bigger than my dad's.

here, they have paddy field too.
but i had no time to snap the photos. :/
&& they have more space here than in Santan.

to me, both place are the same.
i enjoyed staying at both of the house.
either daddy's or mommy's.
as long as i have my family & relatives together with me. :)

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