Rhys Staker

the boy from Melbourne has arrived.
his name is Rhys Staker.
he came early this morning.
around 9am something.
i bought my phone with me to school this morning.

i texted adik ariff to tell me what time they're coming.
he did. & i got excited when i saw their bus in front of our school.
haha. stewwpid.

i saw my brother with Rhys at the Tapak Perhimpunan.
he's showing him around school.
first time i saw him was from afar.
lemme put it this way,
my brother is taller than me. & he's taller than my brother.
so, yeah. he's wayyyyyy taller than me mann.
but i dont have to look up to speak to him. :D

in the afternoon around 6pm, there's a meeting for the host family & the Melbourne students.
so, that was our first time meeting him.
my family & i. in school at Dewan Sri Kencana.
he's so cute.
hahah. && he's even taller than my father.
greattttt. wait till my older brother, Syahmi meet him.
sure he'll be suprised. x)

after that, we went home.
he met my little brother, Syakir.
Syakir was so excited yet very shy. haha. :)

& now, we're spending time together with him.
he's really polite & friendly & sporting.
&& cute && silly && funny & everything nice.
we even took photos together. using webcam. xD

Rhys, if you're reading this, its nice getting to know you.
its been great hosting you too.
though physically you look older than me, but technically not,
but um, yeah.
you're fun. seriously. :D
i love you man. hahah.


Anonymous said...

suka view blog ni :)

Anonymous said...

no. i didn't know u.
but, it doesn't matter :)

Anonymous said...

okay then
thanks to u too :)