third day of raya?
today, the most interesting part was the barbeque party.
yeahh. it was fun.
i spent time with my family & relatives.

i ate a lot. haha.
i've never done that for a long long time.
yeahh, since we've been fasting. :)

the barbeque was at night.
pagi? naww. i dont think there's anything fun to write.

barbeque starts around 4pm. they need to prepare the foods & stuffs.
i was sleeping. haha. too tired.
i was fasting. puasa enam. hee. :D

around 6pm i woke up to have my shower.
then i went outside to give them a hand.
around 8pm, relatives started to arrive.
blablabla. more & more people start to come.

yeahh, makanan banyak. banyak gilaaaa.
tu yang best tuuu. haha.

oh yeah. tonight, we talked to abang.
on YM. we made video call. aww.
its kinda sad. you know, since he's not here physically. :/

my cousins & i get to camwhore with three different cameras.
hahah. & nobody stop us. because they were all busy talking.
so we snap pictures till late at night.
with lots & lots of different poss. xD

before leaving, ktorg semua tgkp gmbr ramai².
buat kenangan. :)

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