away :(

naw. shit.
SPM are 20 days away.
plus minus, 20 days lah.
my world revolves around books at the moment.
so, nono internet, nono myspace, nono blogspot.
nono everything.

peeps, i wont be updating any new blogs or whatever.
ada lagi 6 more drafts.
there are so many things to write.
so little time.
nanti next time online, i'll finish everything.
pray for my SPM.
pls & tq. :)


asybedazzle said...

hey, good luck. i bru hbis pmr,
merdeka yey. hehe. ;))

angkasa said...

gud luck 4 spm yaa ;D

Naddy said...

Goodluck nana! Do yr best tau. I'll pray fr you (: