i learned something new recently.
first time in my entire life, tak pernah isi minyak kereta.
17years hidup. seriously.

& the person who made me realize about it was abang.
before he left, ktorg ada la pegi jalan² somewhere.
then he told me untuk isi minyak kereta.
i said i dont know.
dia marah. :/

then the other day i went out with mommy,
i volunteered myself untuk isi minyak kereta.
of course la dia agree kan? hahah.

then dengan semangatnya turun kereta, nak isi minyak. :P
but mommy supervised la. dia tolong bagitahu itu ini.
dah habis isi tu, omg.
i felt sooooooooo happy.
its like, i've achieve something really really big.
padahal isi minyak kereta je!

& that, was my first time isi minyak kereta.

oh ohh. && daddy maybe nak consider beli kereta baru for us.
why? because ktorg semua complaint pasal kereta buruk tu.
hahah. :P
after all, i'll be taking driving license soon.
after SPM is over.
so, of course i'll be the first person yang akan drive the car.
i mean, i'll be using the car the most lah.
hee. :D
end of this year je dah daftar dah untuk amek lesen.
next year boleh drive dah. yeahhh! ;D

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