life is so much better nowadays.
at least, in my opinion it is.

between my dad & i, our bond makin rapat.
we hardly talk dulu. & now, i can talk to him about stuffs.
which is good. :)

&& my mom, memang dari dulu rapat dengan dia.
but now, lagi bertambah.
dia selalu support me no matter what.

my siblings.
yeah, adik amir, eventhough he's only 9,
fikiran dia matang gila.
we even have our new favorite TV show.
Wulan dekat TV1. selalu tengok together.
if i have tuition, dia akan tolong tengokkan & cerita when i get back.
comel je.

selain abang, adik ariff adalah orang yang paling rapat dengan saya.
but dia macam dah berubah sikit sejak abang pergi Russia.
he misses him a lot probably.

friends, korang memang selalu amazing gila.
we're closer now right?
but disebabkan exam semakin dekat, we hardly talk about our problems.
but never mind. we always have each other.
i'll be there for you girls all the time. :)

im stronger in so many ways because of these people around.
i feel so blessed. :]

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