happy ending

janji tersebut telah ditunaikan.
though it was hard for me to do it, i had to.
i had to because i've promised that person.
&& it was part of apa yang dia mintak.

kepada yang berkenaan,
segala apa yang kamu minta, saya telah tunaikan.
memang itu yang saya selalu buat.
tak kira la dari dulu or masa akan datang.
saya selalu akan cuba yang terbaik untuk tunaikan apa yang kamu minta.
there, you have my words.

i dont quite know how to say how i feel at the moment.
but it doesnt matter anyway.
whats done is done.
apa yang dah terjadi tak boleh berulang lagi.
i guess those three words are said too much but its just not enough.
not enough to hold us both.

yeah, i'll pretend like it never happened.
'we' never existed. just like he wanted.
eventhough he said i treat him like rubbish,
he's still in my heart.
maybe he didnt know.
maybe he didnt know everything i've done for him.
never mind.
i'll lock him in my heart.
and i'll keep him there for as long as i could.
he's the song in my heart. and always will be.

its time for him to go. be free.
to live his life how it should always be.

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fara said...

syg . hmm kite jumpe diz quote.

'You will know when you really love someone
When you want him to be happy even if his happiness means you are not a part of it.'

hmm syg. its a gd choice awk let him go. biar je la syg. kite tau apa awk rase. it takes time bt I know u can? Ily,